How to Play Magic the Gathering Commander Online With Friends?

Magic the Gathering Commander, also called Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH), is a cool way to play the famous card game Magic The Gathering with pals. You can play it in person, but what if you want to play it on the internet with your friends? This article will show you how to do just that.


How to Play Magic the Gathering Commander Online With Friends?

How to Play Online with Friends:

Magic the Gathering Commander is special. In this game, each player has a 100-card deck with a special creature called their Commander. The Commander stays in a special spot and can be used multiple times. The goal is to make your opponent’s life totals reach zero while using your Commander’s powers smartly.

  1. Pick an Online Place: To play Magic the Gathering Commander online, choose a good website. Some popular ones are MTG Arena, Magic Online, and online tabletop games. Each one has different things to offer, so choose the one you like best.
  2. Make Your Deck: Making a Commander Deck is fun. Because your deck is all about your Commander, make sure it fits how you like to play. Add strong cards and things that work well together to make your deck strong when playing with friends.
  3. Invite Your Friends: Playing with friends makes Commander even more fun. Most online places let you make private rooms and invite friends to join. Share the room code with your friends, and you’ll be ready to play.
  4. Set Up the Game: Decide who goes first and shuffle your decks when everyone’s in the room. The online place will help with shuffling and dealing cards. Make sure everyone has good internet so the game goes smoothly.
  5. Playing and Rules: When you play, remember the basic rules of Commander. You start with 40 lives, and the colour of your commander decides which cards you can use. Talk to your friends and plan together to beat your opponents.
  6. Make It Fun Online: You can make your online game cooler by changing your playmat and adding avatars or cool things. It’s not needed, but it makes the game more fun.
  7. Tips for Playing Well: To have a good time online, talk to your group and clear up any rules questions before you start. Be patient because sometimes there might be technical problems.
  8. Challenges: Playing online might be different from playing in person. It can be fun to learn new things and get better at the game.
  9. Find More People: If you want to play with different people, look for Magic The Gathering communities or forums online. Talk to others and make friends to play with from all around the world.
  10. Enjoy the Social Part: One of the best things about Commander is talking with your friends during the game. You can use chat or voice to have fun and joke around while playing.
  11. Make Different Decks: Try making lots of different decks with different strategies. Focus on themes or combos, or use your commander’s special powers. There are lots of ways to play, so find the one you like best.
  12. Change for the Game: As you play more, you’ll see different ways people like to play online. Be ready to change your deck to beat them. It keeps the game fun and exciting.

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Finding New Friends to Play With

If you like playing Magic: The Gathering Commander and want to make new friends who like it too, here’s how:

  1. Online Events and Tournaments: Play games online with people on different websites. Look for events that fit your schedule and how good you are.
  2. Commander Discord Servers: Join special chat groups on Discord where people play Commander. You can talk to them and play games.
  3. Magic Forums and Subreddits: Go to websites where people talk about Magic: The Gathering. You can ask questions and share your decks.
  4. Social Media Groups: Search on Facebook or Reddit for groups about Magic. Find ones about Commander and maybe you’ll meet players near you.
  5. Gaming Apps and Websites: Use websites and apps to find people who like playing Magic. You can find players near you or who like the same things you do.
  6. Commander Content Creators: Watch videos on YouTube or Twitch made by people who love Commander. You can chat with them and maybe meet other players.
  7. Local Game Stores (LGS): Ask at game stores near you if they have Commander nights. Some have online games, and others might have in-person games.
  8. Commander Facebook Groups: Search on Facebook for groups about Commander in your area. They might tell you about events or help you find people to play with.
  9. Community Events and Leagues: Keep an eye out for events made by the community for Commander players. These events are friendly and fun.
  10. Reach Out to Friends: Tell your current friends you like Commander. They might know others who like it or want to learn with you.

Remember to be friendly and polite when you talk to people. Making friends who like Commander can make the game even more fun. You can learn new things and have fun playing in different ways with them.


In the end, playing Magic the Gathering Commander online with friends can be cool. It’s easy to play online, and Commander is a fun way to play the game. So, get your friends together, pick your Commanders, and have a great time playing online!


Can I play Magic the Gathering Commander for free online?

Some platforms offer free-to-play options, but additional features and cards may require purchases.

Can I use physical Magic cards in online play?

Generally, online play is limited to the cards available on your chosen platform.

How long does a typical Commander game last online?

Commander games can vary in duration but usually last between 60 to 90 minutes.

Are there any banned cards in online Commander Play?

Yes, some cards are banned due to their overpowered nature or disruptive impact on the format.

Can I play Commander with more than four players online?

Yes, some platforms support multiplayer games with larger groups.