Essential Tips for Building a Competitive EDH Deck

In the big world of Magic: The Gathering, there’s a format called Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH), also known as Commander, that people love. In this format, you make a deck of 100 cards with a special legendary creature as your Commander. The Commander is like your leader in the game. Playing well in EDH means more than just having strong cards; you need to be smart, build your deck right, and understand how the game is played.


Essential Tips for Building a Competitive EDH Deck

Commander games are all about being creative, making deals with other players, and doing big, exciting things. This guide will help you make a powerful EDH deck that can compete with others. We’ll cover everything, from picking the perfect Commander to using advanced strategies.

Understanding EDH (Elder Dragon Highlander)

  • What is EDH? EDH, or Elder Dragon Highlander, is a kind of game where each player makes a 100-card deck, and there’s a legendary creature as the Commander.
  • Why Play EDH? Find out why people all over the world love playing EDH and what makes it special.
  • EDH Deck Rules: Learn about the rules for building your deck, like why you can only have one copy of each card, and see how it shapes the game.

Selecting the Perfect Commander

  • The Role of the Commander: Understand why your Commander is so important and how it guides your game plan.
  • Choosing a Commander: Discover what to think about when picking the right Commander for your competitive EDH deck.

Essential Deck-Building Ideas

  • Making a Strong Mana Base: Learn how to build a good mix of lands so you can cast your spells when you need to.
  • Balancing Card Types: Figure out how many creatures, instant spells, sorcery spells, enchantments, and artefacts you should have in your deck for it to work well.
  • Using Ramp and Card Draw: See why it’s important to have cards that get you more mana and more cards, and how they help your deck.
  • Mastering Card Combos: Find out how to make your cards work together in powerful ways that can win you the game.
  • Winning the Game: Learn about different ways to win in EDH and how to add them to your deck.

Building a Competitive EDH Deck

  • Deck Types and Strategies: Explore the most common kinds of decks and strategies that do well in competitive EDH games.
  • Perfecting Your Decklist: Make your deck even better by finding and fixing its weak spots and making its strengths shine.
  • Understanding the Meta: Stay ahead of the competition by knowing what kinds of decks and cards are popular in EDH right now.
  • Testing Your Deck: Learn how to practice with your deck to make sure it’s as good as it can be. Keep trying new things to make it better.
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Evaluating Cards for Your Deck

Judging Card Power: Learn to tell how strong a card is and how it will help your deck.

Big Impact vs. Flexible Cards: Know the difference between cards that do one thing well and cards that can do many things. Find the right mix for your deck.

Balancing Act: Make sure your deck has the right mix of power, consistency, and flexibility.

Budget-Friendly Deck Building

Competing on a Budget: Discover ways to make a deck that can still win even if you don’t spend a lot of money.

Smart Card Choices: Learn which cards are worth investing in to make your deck better without breaking the bank.

Tools for Building Your Deck

Online Deck Builders: Check out easy-to-use websites that help you build your deck online.

Deck-Building Apps: Find mobile apps that make it easier to create, manage, and share your EDH deck.

Where to Find Great Decks: Get deck ideas from trusted sources in the EDH community.

Advanced EDH Strategies

Politics and Talking: Use your words and alliances to your advantage in the game.

Seeing the Game: Get better at understanding what’s happening in the game and guessing what your opponents will do next.

Timing and Order: Know when to play your cards and how to use them for maximum impact.

Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t Use Too Much: Be careful not to use up all your resources and leave yourself open to attacks.

Remember Interaction: Make sure you have cards that can stop your opponents’ plans and keep control of the battlefield.

Changing with the Times: Be ready to change your deck and strategy if the EDH world is shifting.

Being Social in EDH

Being Nice at the Table: Make sure everyone has a good time by being polite and fair during games.

Dealing with Different Players: Learn how to play well with all kinds of people and their different styles at the EDH table.

Getting Ready for Competitive EDH Tournaments

Tournament Preparation: Get yourself ready both mentally and physically for the intense world of competitive EDH tournaments.

Strategies for Tournaments: Learn special tactics for doing well when the pressure is on in tournament settings.

Personalizing Your EDH Deck

Fancy Cards and Art: Discover the world of fancy, shiny cards and custom artwork to make your deck unique.

Custom Tokens and Playmats: Put your touch on your deck with custom-made tokens and playmats.

Deck with Personal Style: Show off your personality and style in your competitive EDH deck design.

Playing the Political Game

Making Deals: Make temporary friends and use your words to change how the game goes.

Working Together: Team up with opponents when it helps you get ahead.

Changing with the Times

The Ever-Changing Meta: Understand that the EDH world is always changing, and that affects how people build their decks.

Staying Flexible: Be ready to change your deck to keep up with the competition.

Deck Showcase

Looking at Top Decks: Check out the best competitive EDH decks and how they work.

Deep Dive into Featured Decks: Learn all about the special tricks and strategies of spotlighted competitive EDH decks.


This guide has given you the know-how to build a super-competitive EDH deck that can compete with the best players out there. From picking the right Commander to mastering tricky political moves, we hope this information helps you rule the EDH world.


What is the best Commander for beginners?

The best Commander for beginners offers straightforward gameplay and supports your preferred playstyle.

How many lands should I include in my EDH deck?

Depending on the deck’s mana curve and ramp sources, the number of lands in an EDH deck typically ranges from 36 to 40.

Can I play with more than one Commander in EDH?

Yes, partner commanders can work together as your deck’s commanders.

Is it worth investing in expensive cards for my EDH deck?

Investing incriticaly cards can significantly boost your deck’s competitiveness, but it’s essential to strike a balance based on your budget and goals.

How can I deal with a commanderwhot keeps dominating our playgroup?

Address the threat a dominant commander poses through targeted removal, politics, and collaboration among players.